Customer experience is now the key competitive differentiator for organizations, impacting everything from business revenue and growth to customer loyalty. In today’s omni-channel world, customers and citizens expect to be able to contact organizations whenever, wherever and on whatever device they choose. Personalized interactions, short wait times, and not having to repeat information are the new norm.

Research and Development

Redwood Technologies leads the Group’s cutting-edge Research and Development. A philosophy of innovation across technology and business practices is key to the Group’s continued success, and has led to the development of brain®, our artificial intelligence toolkit, and storm®, our end-to-end cloud communications solution that provides a 360° view of the customer.


Two-thirds of customers state that their experience is a more important factor than price when dealing with organizations. Content Guru’s cloud customer engagement and experience solution, storm, works with hundreds of the world’s largest organizations across a variety of sectors. storm leverages its rich functionality to personalize customer interactions, unify disparate systems and seamlessly resolve queries, no matter the scale, no matter the device.

Quality Assurance

Weston Digital are the experts in using data to optimize customer experience. From reporting solutions that monitor agent performance, to functionality for call handling statistical analysis and workforce scheduling, Weston Digital’s offering optimizes all parts of the contact center to deliver a better agent experience and the best in CX.

Group Operating Companies